statemenS to condemn the Chinese government’s policy of abrogating Halal and Haram in Islamic Faith and forcing the Muslims to eat pork



statemenS to condemn the Chinese government’s policy of abrogating Halal and Haram in Islamic Faith and forcing the Muslims to eat pork

Praise be to Allah and Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon His Prophet

As it is well-known that the Chinese atrocities in East Turksitan has been continuing for a long time, however in recent years this repression has increased in many folds which is beyond human imagination. The types of oppression which has been brutally applied onto the people of East Turkistan has surpassed religious and ethnic suppression and assimilation tactics taking the now open war against Islam.

With the beginning of 2017, the Chinese government increased its rule of brutality by locking up more than 3 million Uyghur Muslims in so called re-education camps and killing many hundreds if not thousands with different means with the aim ethnic cleansing of Uyghur and destroying their religion.

The Chinese government did not restrict their harsh rule to prohibit praying, Zakah and going for Hajj, but also destroyed thousands of Mosques and changing many of the Mosques in to night clubs and places of drinking and dancing. Such news and information were wide spread on social media with voice recordings and pictures. They banned growing beard for Muslim males, wearing Hijab (head scarf) for females and after completely taking control of this they forced Muslim females to marry Non-Muslim Chinese atheist as an open attack on Muslims’ honor and dignity.

The Chinese authorities did not stop there but further deteriorated the situation of the Muslims by banning of selling Halal food and forcing the Msulims eating pork which is clearly prohibited in the Quran.

 The union of Muslim Scholars considers this policy of the Chinese government as an open war against Islam and condemn it with the strongest possible words. We call upon the Uyghur Msulims to remain steadfast and remain patient and not to submit to this oppression which they are facing in the way of preserving their Faith and religion.

We also condemn the silence of the International Community towards the tyrannical approach of the Chinese government towards Islam and humanity in East Turkistan. It is more painful to see the silence of the Muslim World, the Muslim Scholars, Islamic Organizations and political and societal institutions in this ugly way.

We call upon the United Nations, Organization Islamic Council, World Islamic Forum and all those organizations and people who claim to represent the Muslims to play their responsibility to stop this injustice committed by the Chinese Communist Regime against the Muslims of East Turkistan. We also urge every faithful and honest believer, every person with a conscience to stand up, raise awareness and condemn the Chinese atrocities against the human values.

With respect,

Union of East Turkistan Scholars - Istanbul